Sites for the Family and Christian Student

Disclaimer: Although all of the sites listed below provide profitable material, not all of them are Christian and may include other material that I neither endorse nor think appropriate for young children.

Scripture Memory Fellowship

For those of parents who want to encourage their children to memorize Bible passages, this site sells material to aid them in the endeavor. The material also includes books for older children, young adults and adults that deal with memorizing Scripture.

The Baldwin Online Children’s Literature Project

For those parents on a tight budget, this site is for you. Containing a large number of books in an easy-to-read format, this site offers old-fashioned children’s classics with delightful illustrations to view online.

Yesterday’s Classics

Parents who are interested in giving their children a classic education will be happy to discover this website, which offers an excellent selection of books for sale. Titles include Carolyn Sherwin Bailey’s Boys and Girls of Colonial Days and Helene A. Guerber’s The Story of the Greeks, both of which are recommended reading for the Foundations in Literature and History Course.

The Gutenberg Project

An invaluable site for students, the Gutenberg Project enables users to download over 20,000 free books. Titles include such Christian classics as John Bunyan’s Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners and John Milton’s Paradise Lost.

Sermon Audio

This Christian site is very useful for its downloadable sermons (MP3 format), especially the Spurgeon sermons broadcasted by cloudaudio. Pastors Phil Ryken and Paul Tripp of Tenth Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia have sermons posted on this site.


This Christian site is also useful for its MP3 audio file downloads, including debates and apologetics resources. Monergism also provides links to other profitable sites.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Calvin College’s site is an excellent resource for the Christian scholar or general reader. It contains popular Christian works and scholarly material as well as out-of-print or hard-to-find books.

The Online Greek Bible

This site provides a free electronic copy of the Greek New Testament, complete with punctuation, capitalization, accents and breathing marks. It also provides a downloadable Greek font.

Grace and Truth Books

A resource for parents who want to buy spiritual and character-building books for the family.

Answers in Genesis

A Christian website that gives evidence against the evolutionary view of the origin of life.

Banner of Truth Trust

The Banner of Truth Trust, a Christian publisher, prints a large selection of Puritan works that are still accessible to the modern reader. One of the first things that a 21st-century Christian notices in reading the likes of Thomas Brooks, Samuel Bolton, William Bridge, Joseph Alleine, Jeremiah Burroughs and Ralph Venning is that the important issues of the Christian life have not changed in four centuries.

Chapel Library

On this site you can download the Free Grace Broadcaster, which is a quarterly digest of older material published for Christian readers. The site also contains a lot of John Bunyan material and a calendar of daily readings.

Voice of the Martyrs

VOM, or Voice of the Martyrs, informs and inspires Christians who might otherwise be comfortably unaware of the horrible atrocities committed against their fellow believers for the sake of the gospel. The organization also materially supports persecuted Christians throughout the world and actively engages younger and older Christians to participate in its efforts.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides online teaching in algebra, chemistry, cosmology, computer science, . It is especially useful for students studying the SAT.